Here’s what some people have sort of said about Hot Yoghurt:

“This trend is global” – Mark Fink, Man On LinkedIn

“Recently, I saw on television the colossal loss of properties and lives in SAUDI ARABIA, THAILAND, JAPAN, INDONESIA, CHINA, INDIA, SYRIA and the Middle East, the killing of innocent live in USA by terrorist and the REFUGEE CRISIS going on across Europe which made me to go on internet before getting your contact in other to help me carry out this assignment of my heart. With joy I write to inform you that on 02-08-2016 WILLED my properties worthy of $2.5Million to you and this is the second time I am making this contact to you and may be final if you fail to contact my lawyer to take over the funds from the security company. Also attach is my picture for your view and to act fast.” – Ms. Rose William, Concerned and Wealthy Emailer

“I’m actually embarrassed. I still love you though!” – Lyn, Nic’s Mum

“Check out your latest business report” – PayPal

“£8 for that sh*t?!” – Pickled punter with no teeth, Cambridge Strawberry Fair

“You’re the best!” – No-one, Ever

Ooh looky here at this interview with Hot Yoghurt by The Trove!