Hot Yoghurt are a screenprinting duo based in Cambridge, UK. A magical miscellany of award-winning illustration, fridge magnet poetry and DIY un-knowhow, they design limited edition prints for the discerning and disillusioned.

You may have seen people on your high street with strange haircuts wearing visually vapid slogans like “Believe in your selfie” , “I don’t need you I have wi-fi”, or “Time to sparkle!”. Hot Yoghurt offer a bitter tonic to this nonsense with their stylish combination of illustrative penmanship and shallows humour.

Using environmentally friendly water-based inks and WRAP certified cotton products, every print is painstakingly prepared and pulled by hand by two very bang average but ultimately likeable people.

We also provide a bespoke small-run screenprinting service, and will print onto whatever you might have knocking around the place – t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags, cheese spread sandwiches, you name it. We have printed things for film festivals, music events, independent businesses and charities. We can also run screenprinting workshops at your business or charity. Interested in getting the HY treatment? Then get in touch!

Website photography © Lief Moore / Instagram @lief.x